Who We Are

REAP Central Otago is an Incorporated Society with charitable status. Our charities number is CC21878. An annual financial and statement of service performance audit is carried out by agents of the Auditor General. As a financial member of REAP Central Otago you will be entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting and be eligible for election to our Governance Board.  To become a financial member please contact us.


Current Board Members: 

Doug White -  Acting Chairperson

Kellie Weatherston - Deputy Chair

Sharon Robertson                       

Rosemary Smith                                

Beth Phelps

Roger Browne

The staff at REAP Central Otago are committed and passionate about supporting learners to make change through education. You are never too old to learn.

The Manager of REAP Central Otago is Bernice Lepper. Like the majority of staff, her background is teaching, coming into REAP from being the Assistant Principal at Dunstan High School.


The Values of REAP Central Otago are pivotal to the way we work.

Central Otago Mountains