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About Us

SuperSkills was first established in 1994 in Lower Hutt by Erin McMenamin. It was originally called SuperGrans and has recently changed it's name to SuperSkills. At the time Erin was volunteering for the local food bank and noticed that people were removing items from their food parcels that they were unsure of how to use. Erin was concerned that half of the food parcel was being returned, so she thought that people would benefit from help, and so the concept of SuperGrans was born.

Currently there are 11 agencies across Aotearoa. Each agency responds to the needs of their community in a unique way and we are all committed to reaching and responding with kindness and non-judgement to those who ask for our help. This will help to grow and strengthen their knowledge and life skills, and diminish unneeded stress.

Our whānau mentors share their knowledge and skills with people in our communities through the concept of kaitiaki, mentoring the sharing of generational knowledge. Our wish is to see communities thrive by engaging and empowering people to strengthen their own skills and knowledge and to have the confidence to make changes that will benefit themselves and their whānau.

All SuperSkills agencies work as individual charitable trusts. Central Otago REAP SuperSkills has just started in March 2024.

Where do you fit in?

Our volunteers / mentors are the crux of the SuperSkills programme. We need men and women, any age who are willing and able to share their skills and experience.

The mentor will be matched to support the whānau/family needs. This could range from:

  • budget cooking, shopping and meal planning
  • household hygiene and routines
  • children’s routines
  • basic sewing and gardening to supplement food costs
  • financial mentoring
  • to chat over a cuppa

You may: 

  • be asked to support your client to follow a financial plan provided by a financial mentor - outside agency
  • be involved in introducing new residents to places of interest around Alexandra - making connections
  • like to be part of weekly workshops/coffee mornings where we will support families and new residents to develop skills and make new contacts and connections in our community
  • like to be involved in the Grandparenting in Schools programme

Initially you would spend two hours a week with your client. Times would be flexible around the needs of the client and the mentor. The initial meeting with the client, you will be accompanied by a senior mentor.
No training is required, just your life-skills/knowledge, experience and a willingness to help others, especially young families and new residents to our area.

There is no age restriction and we will welcome men and women.

You will be well supported and guided by your manager, and encouraged to attend regular team meetings. In May we will be starting weekly workshops/coffee mornings.

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Would you like to be a mentor?

If you would like to become a mentor you can fill in a mentor application form by clicking this link.

Would you like to refer yourself or a whānau/family to the programme?

If you would like to make a referral click this link


If you have further questions you would like clarified, you are welcome to contact the REAP office on 0800 267-327 or [email protected]

Ann Conder, our SuperSkills representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.