What We Do

REAP Central Otago provides a diverse and extensive educational resource to our communities, implementing a life-long learning approach.  The overall purpose of REAP Central Otago is to provide educational support and assistance across all sectors including early childhood, primary, secondary and adult education.

REAP Central Otago is a community-based, flexible resource providing formal and non-formal learning opportunities.

Some examples of activities and programmes run through REAP Central Otago include:

Adult Programmes

  • Sustainable communities including MAD4CO
  • Adult Literacy and Numeracy one to one
  • English as a second language programmes including IELTS courses
  • Intensive Literacy and Numeracy courses – Choices in Alexandra and Living Skills in Wanaka
  • Life Skills courses to enhance everyday skills including literacy and numeracy
  • Digital computer skills


  • Te Reo and Tikanga in schools
  • Gifted One Day School - Alexandra and Wanaka
  • Enviroschools
  • Grandparenting
  • ‘At risk’ Programmes

Early Childhood

  • Playgroup support
  • Professional development liaison
  • Head teacher clusters
  • SKIP programmes - Strategies with Kids / Information for Parents
  • COEYES - Enviroschools ideas for Early Childhood