Drive My Life

Central Otago REAP

Central Otago REAP are offering the successful ‘Drive My Life’ programme, first developed in Southland, to people in our community, who have left school and who face barriers in getting their drivers licences. We offer classes and practical driving lessons and subsidise the application and test fees. 

How does the programme work?

Participants needing their Learners licence join us for two-hour classes each week for six weeks to learn the road code. Lessons incorporate fun activities and practice tests to teach road safety and prepare learners to sit the theory test in the seventh week. Learners also complete the ‘Get your Learner’s’ activities on the ‘Drive’ website for homework.

The Restricted and Full licence programme offers practical driving lessons to people in the community who need to get their Restricted/Full licence but face barriers in doing so. Volunteer mentors take the learners out for practical driving lessons in the ‘Drive My Life’ car or the learner’s own car. Learners are evaluated by a professional driving instructor, who develops a plan and checks they are ready to sit their licence.

The Benefits

  • Subsidised test fees
  • Increased road safety / knowledge
  • Ability to drive legally
  • Gain independence 
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved  opportunities for employment
  • Form of identification

Reasons for Entering Drive My Life

  • Lack of finances
  • No warranted or registered vehicle in the home to learn in
  • No vehicle available to practice in
  • No one in the home with a Full drivers licence that can be a supervisor
  • Learning difficulties

We are not limited to the above circumstances. If you feel that you may fit the programme or have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


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For queries call Paddy on 021 941 685 or email [email protected].nz 

Drive My Life Co-ordinator - Paddy Ford