Gifted Programme

STAR One Day School for Gifted and Talented Students

Giftedness is a natural gift. Out of every hundred children, approximately five can be classified as gifted. It is essential to cluster gifted and talented children together in our rural communities to optimise their natural talents and motivation.

The STAR One Day School for gifted and talented children from Year 5-8 has been running in Central Otago and the Upper Clutha since 2003.

Central Otago REAP has 3 classes to address the unique needs of the children in the Central Otago and Upper Clutha area. Children can be referred by parent or school and are assessed by the Woodcock Johnson 111 assessment tool.

For further information phone 0800 COREAP (0800 267 327), or email:


NZ Association for Gifted Children

APEX The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education



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