iPad Learning Circles – Roxburgh


Wednesdays for 5 weeks starting 1st August 2018

Venue: Roxburgh Service Centre
Cost: $50
Time: 9.00am – 10.30am
Tutor: Gavin Dann

Topics Covered:
♦ Settings                      ♦ Internet                            ♦ Contacts

♦ Mail                            ♦ Camera                             ♦ Use Apps

♦ Calendar                    ♦ Messages                          ♦ Maps

♦ Face Time                  ♦ Skype                                ♦ Music

Whether you are thinking of purchasing, or have just
purchased a tablet or iPad or have had one for a period
of time but would like to learn how to use it for more
activities, then this could be the time to learn these skills.


One to One Tuition is also available in the afternoon by
appointment, for laptops, phones or tablets – first hour free


BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL  0800 267-327 or 03 448-6115 or admin@coreap.org.nz


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